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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

5 Star Aliyah

Wonderful posting by Kef International on today's message boards: Israel, having suffered a serious downturn in tourism during the Oslo War, is now having trouble convincing Israelis to make a career of the hotel industry. So...the newest thing in aliyah is encouraging olim already IN the hotel industry to make aliyah to fill the gap. The post said that to encourage this trend, hoteliers are working with the government to provide first, jobs in the hotel industry (sous-chef, laundress, groundskeeper, etc) plus room in the hotel itself plus time for Hebrew ulpan. The article mentioned that most people are taking advantage of this in Eilat, which is rapidly filling with hotel workers from all over the globe (Ethipia, Brazil, Russia, France) who are making aliyah. The post read:

Dozens of Jews around the world participated recently in a hotel
industry and Jewish Agency workshop in a bid to convince Jews to
immigrate to Israel in order to counter the country's hotel industry
employee shortage, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth
reported on Sunday.

In light of the renewed surge in tourism to Israel, local hotels are
facing a shortage of 3,000 workers, with Israelis not quick to take
up tourism jobs.

Under the special project, 60 Jews already made Aliyah to Israel from
France, the former Soviet Union, and South America. All integrated in
hotel positions around Israel in kitchens, cleaning, housekeeping,
security, restaurants, and entertainment. All received the special
immigrant aid package for new immigrants, and live at the same hotel
they are employed by. In their free time they study Hebrew.

Most of the immigrant-employees arrived to the southern town of
Eilat, including Vadim Frikaski who immigrated from Russia and works
now at the Golden Tulip hotel as a sous-chef. For years he dreamt
about making Aliyah but his wife refused.

"I decided to divorce her and realize my dream" he said emotionally.
"I came to Eilat following a visit by representative of the Jewish
Agency and the hotel industry to Russia. I was impressed by the film
about tourism in Israel, and since I worked already in upscale hotels
in Switzerland and Germany I decided to continue doing it in Israel," he said.

Looking For Partners

Most of the new immigrants who found work in the hotels are singles
hoping to find a partner in Israel. One of them is 25-year-old Sergio
Kleiman from Brazil who has a degree in physics but works as a
landscaper in the hotel.

"I plan on staying here and make Israel my home, and later on bring
my parents from Brazil," he said.

Sergio is not alone. Noesablla Eshakyev from Russia works as a
housekeeping supervisor, Vladimir Namakin, also from Russia, works at
the laundry room, Juan Pablo from Argentina works in the pool, Abba
Dassa from Ethiopia works as a dishwasher in the kitchen.

"We view it as true Zionism" said David Fattal, chairman of the
Fattal hotel chain who initiated the project in conjunction with with
the Jewish Agency.

"The new immigrants receive the immigrant absorption aid package,
study Hebrew in the ulpan, get a place to stay and work at the
hotels. We, on the other hand, get the satisfaction of bringing to
Israel Jewish people who want to make Israel their home," he said.

Backtracked to YNet News: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3232210,00.html


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