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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good News, Bad News

The Good News: we're official. My olah visa came last week. My son's Israeli passport came also. We're good to go. The house is mostly packed and we should hit the market on Sunday, if it ever stops raining. The pest report showed minor cures needed, nothing major. We've chosen a shipper and contacted him for a date to come pack up and store everything. We've even, courtesy of another correspondent on the Tachlis message board, even found reasonably priced property in Baka, which gives us hope. Not everything is over $800,000....

The Bad News: Smokey has disappeared. Our youngest, female feline member of the family....we didn't see her this morning, so we're wondering if somehow she got out yesterday. Yesterday was lovely weather. Today is miserable, cold, rainy and our kitty is out there in it, totally a housecat with no survival skills. We're heartbroken.


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