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Thursday, March 09, 2006

No Guns, No Motorcycles

Well, the Husband is heart broken. Both of us are a Law and Order team and both of us have handguns and rifles and shoot for fun. Those who are horrified by the NRA should read no further.

We heard from Meches yesterday. The Harley, which is my Husband's favorite vehicle, isn't making aliyah with us after all. First, you cannot import a vehicle over 4 years old to Israel without olim rights. He doesn't have olim rights. I do, but we decided we weren't wasting them on a motorcycle when we need a car. So he can't bring in the 5-year-old Harley-Davidson. He's going to sell it, go to Israel, get a mini-bike license (under 800 cc) and then in a year he will qualify for a Big Motorcycle license -- at which point, we'll buy a new Harley and pay the stinking taxes on it.

Then there are the guns. Can someone explain to me why Israel, during the Oslo Idiocy, armed the PA to the extent where there are seven firearms for every man, woman and child in the West Bank and Gaza -- but the people of Israel, nearly all of whom do military service and have basic gun-safety drilled into them, are prohibited from owning a firearm? The exceptions are that you get a hunting license, or work in police or security, or you're on the Olympic shooting team.

So when Saleem and Achmad decide to wander into my neighborhood store and open fire with their weapons or try to blow themselves up, I'm supposed to do what? Hide under a fruitstand? How about if I solve it the American way and when they draw down on the shoppers, I shoot them? Doesn't that make more sense? This Israeli-government- ghetto-thinking about how we can't run around with guns in Israel is crazy---all the neighbors in Hamastan and their puppeteers are all armed to the teeth!

So we have perfectly lovely rifles and handguns, many of which we will now sell, and the others we will store Stateside until my son and I get a hunting license (gosh, that means I have to actually go KILL some living creature instead of just shooting at a clay target--that doesn't make sense either) and my husband tries to be a volunteer sniper on the police department (an area in which he has great expertise).

Oh, and olim have to be there for three years before we can even apply for a license to own a weapon. Let's hope I don't run into Achmad and Saleem and their Paradise Now scenario before I'm officially armed.

Or maybe I should just move to the Territories? I heard that if you live across the Green Line, you automatically get your license because you're an automatic target of the Kill Jews crowd. Have to look into this....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am making aliyah and I was wondering the same thing. I was hoping that Israel would recognize American permits and transfer them but apparently not. That sucks... I would rather have the harley than a gun though

Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 7:42:00 PM GMT+3  

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