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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012--the Age of Resurgent Racism

I grew up in the post-Civil-Rights era; the era of Martin Luther King Jr., when Ghandi was quoted along with poet Khalil Gibran and the Desiderata, and we sang about The Impossible Dream. To my generation, racism, bigotry, discrimination and stereotypes were a part of history, a lesson from which we learned, and if the future could not be one of harmony and peace (even we conceded this was unlikely)it would at least be a better future for everyone, with all of us working together to the best of our abilities. It was the Era of The Peace Corps, of VISTA, and other organizations which in turn birthed Habitat for Humanity.

No one would ever again be forced to ride at the back of the bus; no one would ever again live in "restricted" neighborhoods; no one would ever be deprived of a decent education by a segregated school system. We would never again be judged by the color of our skins, but by the content of our characters.

This was no Age of Innocence. We were children of the Cold War and Viet Nam. We knew the cost of nuclear brinksmanship, saw the concrete walls through the heart of Europe, the dehumanization of state fascism in Eastern Europe, the brutality of "proxy wars" from Africa to Southeast Asia. We were not blind to American support of dictatorships which served American interests either. We saw children like ourselves needing a military escort to an American school because they were the "wrong" color. We saw race riots and police brutality. We saw a nation in the throes of change and the fear that those changes wrought.

But we also believed in progress; if freed from oppression and given a choice, we believed people would cherish the values of western humanism, freedom of choice and could find a way to live together in mutual respect. We thought we saw harbingers of this in the Velvet Revolution, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, advances in science, medicine and technology that fed and cured and educated an ever-growing world populace.

Now it appears that the Impossible Dream is fading. Today a man is running for President of the United States as a "Libertarian" but on a platform supported by racism, isolationism and hate.

Bigotry is going mainstream. This resurgence of racism comes from the political Right as Paul is a self-described "Republican" candidate, but the hate is equally vocal on the Left in political and academic discourse.

Alan Dershowitz, the one-time darling of the Left for his defense of the individual against the state, has expressed his own alarm at the beating drums of antisemitism in the halls of academia. When prominent academics endorse a rabidly antisemitic book published by a self-acknowledged antisemite, it's 1935 Germany all over again.

When a candidate for U.S. President refuses to disavow the enthusiastic support of neo-Nazis, antisemites and other racist fringe groups, then the future world we hoped for in 1970 is dead. The Ron Paul Survival Reports spewed bigoted statements throughout the 1990s without a single denial by their purported author. Now that national attention is focused on the candidate of the Fringe Right, suddenly these statements were authored by "ghostwriters" and he wasn't aware of them. Any attempt to discuss these writings are dismissed as 'hysterical smears aimed at political enemies.'

"Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities."

"Boy, it sure burns me to have a national holiday for Martin Luther King. I voted against this outrage time and time again as a Congressman. What an infamy that Ronald Reagan approved it! We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey Day."

The candidate doesn't disagree with these statements. He doesn't condemn them, object to them or say that they are wrong. He simply says he didn't write them. I'm appalled at the chutzpah of a man who can make such statements then dismiss them as "smears" while running for the highest office in the land. Not surprisingly, he is opposed to affirmative action, characterizes the Civil Rights Act as a mistake, and is opposed to abortion under any circumstances.

You don't think antisemitism is going mainstream in America? Guess again: David Duke, one-time Grand Wizard of the white racist terror group "Ku Klux Klan" interviewed an African American teacher on his radio show recently.

Why would a hate-monger who is a white supremicist interview an African American, the KKK's victim-of-choice? Why would a white racist seek out the opinion of an African-American whose ancestors were routinely terrorized and murdered by the KKK?

More to the point, why would an African American teacher, a supporter of the Left-wing Occupy movement, agree to join a notorious white racist whose organization was responsible for pogroms against her people and actively maintained the disenfranchisement and segregation of Black Americans?

Because of their mutual hatred of Jews.

You can find their discussion under the title "Dr. David Duke and Patricia McAllister Discuss Wall Street Zionist Criminals."

Love the title! First, the hate-monger is a "doctor" by virtue of his Ph.D. Who bestowed that Ph.D.? None other than the infamous institution nicknamed "The University of Hate" in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP), an institute notorious for being the main source of antisemitic activity and publishing in Ukraine. "Doktor" Duke's thesis was titled "Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism."

Then there's the reflexive connection between "Wall Street" and "Zionist Criminals." This harkens back to the "Jews-control-the-world-through-control-of-all-the-world's-banks" canard that became fashionable in Europe following the publication of the Russian antisemitic forgery, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." That work, designed by the Russian secret police to incite the populace against Russia's Jewish minority, blamed everything from crop failures to inflation on a mythical Jewish conspiracy to control the world. Duke and McAllister simply put the same nutty conspiracy hatred into modern form, substituting "Zionist" for "Jew" and "Wall Street" for "world banking."

But the podcast itself is a study in stereotyped hate tropes. McAllister blithely submits that Jews were kicked out of 109 countries because of "the evilness of their acts" and that the United States should become the 110th country to expell us. People have lost their jobs and homes because of the Jews: they were "tricked" out of their homes by Zionist Jews on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Jews seek control "of wherever they can make an extra dollar, they don’t care about this country, and they're taking our jobs over, paying those people pennies, and they make all the extra money." She recounts that Jews "...continue to rape this country..and around the world..." She characterizes Jews as traitors, stating that "…they control the money..they’re squeezing us, they're known to pull off things like lying, refusing to deal, illegal interest rates on loans, product bundling, boycotts,frequent bankruptcies in countries" to control currency rates. White-Black conflicts in the United States are all due to Jewish manipulation. She asserts that Hitler was a "victim" of a Jewish economic war against Germany and that the Rothschilds financed Hitler's killing of the Jews of Germany.

Her solution to the current economic problem: "I want them (Jews) banned from this country, put out of this nation, take their passports..they can take their relatives and families;...it may not be easy, there may have to be some bloodshed…"

A shorter, more succinct videotape of only McAllister's comments, without Duke's, but complete with antisemitic images, appears at Unite Against Zionism which comes with a cute graphic of a black figure arm-in-arm with a white figure under the title.

McAllister was confronted about her statements by a KTLA reporter in a broadcast interview:

REPORTER: Your remarks are racist.

PATRICIA McALLISTER: It is not racist. It's been telling the truth. Anyone who speaks against the Jews are called racist nowadays.

REPORTER: If somebody said the same thing about African Americans, it would be considered racist.

McALLISTER: If we were destroying this nation, you better say something, and take us down with it.

According to racists like McAllister and Duke, the Jews are destroying the United States. In the KTLA exchange, you see the disconnect between her earlier use of "Zionist" to disguise her bigotry and her angry, outright use of "Jew" in her defensive interview.

She is a star on Stormfront, the Nazi hate site, and Rense, another virulently antisemitic site.

A Stormfront talkback opines: Patricia McAllister is an impressive black woman -- speaking out against the oppressive criminal jewish establishment regardless of personal consequences. She's an excellent example for us all of speaking truth to power. I think we will be hearing more of her. Interestingly, this black woman, in this interview, called David Duke a great man. We know how true this is. As honest and honorable White men and women, we must give credit where it is due...I'm even beginning to think an alliance of some type may be possible among the enlightened of the various races against the common enemy of the world, the jews.

Nothing underlines the collapse of the Left-Right paradigm as much as these developments. The alliance of a Far Right National Socialist party member and leader of the KKK with a Left-wing Occupy movement African American is the Perfect Storm of rising racism in American political discourse and society. Now that antisemitism is getting academic imprimatur as well, I submit American Jews have reason to worry.

Aliyah, anyone?


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