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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Un-Ceasefire Up-date

On April 10th, following at least three open and various back-channel pleas by Hamas for a cease-fire, Israel finally agreed to stop responding to Palestinian rocket, mortar and missile fire from Gaza.

The Usual Suspects all breathed a sigh of international relief and proclaimed a "cease fire."

Thirteen rockets and missiles were fired into Israel anyway. Hamas always has to have the last word.

Then on Wednesday, April 13th, another round of missiles were fired at local farming villages.

Then on Friday, April 15th, Grad missiles were fired into Ashdod, a major city on the Israeli coast and the biggest port in Israel.

It is, coincidentally, where I go with my family in warm weather because it has cleaner and less crowded beaches than Tel Aviv...and parking!

Forecast: clear and sunny with a chance of drizzling missiles later in the day.

WHAT "cease-fire?" It was just the Palestinians, reloading.


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