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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Murdering Jewish Children Generation to Generation

Sixteen year old Daniel Viflic has died....who was he? ask those exposed only to the western media.

Everyone in Israel knows who Daniel was-- he was the boy on the back of the school bus targeted by Palestinians who aimed an anti-tank missile at that school bus. He died finally of massive brain trauma from the shrapnel that lodged in his head. He fought to live for ten days.

There have been arrests in the deaths of the Fogel family. Who are the Fogels? ask those exposed only to western media. The savage butchery of a sleeping family, which would have been headline news had it happened in the U.S., was either barely mentioned or not mentioned in the western press. BBC did cover the arrests finally, ending with the politically correct and totally inane comment:

"There are almost 500,000 settlers living on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Settlements are regarded as illegal under international law although Israel disputes this."

Let's start with the obvious--what has this got to do with a horrific mass murder by two Palestinians from the neighboring village with familial ties to a terrorist organization?

Is BBC implying that three helpless children, ages 11 years, 4 years, and 3 months old, deserve to die for living in an area Arabs and Israelis dispute? Apparently so. This is "politically correct" to the moonbat Far Left BBC-types, but morally horrific -- it's like telling a rape victim she deserved to get raped because she went out to a nightclub in a cocktail dress, went dancing where it "inflamed" men's passions and her rapist then shouldn't be expected to control himself. See, it's really HER fault.

That inflammatory figure of 500,000 fails to mention that 250,000 reside in Jerusalem suburbs already conceded by the Palestinians. The majority of the rest live in former Jewish lands (Kfar Etzion, for example) or along the Green Line (an armistice line, not a "border") itself, and for which the Palestinians had previously agreed to land swaps.

And yes, Israel and Israelis dispute the "occupied Palestinian land" propaganda also; none of it is "Palestinian" since the Supreme Court disallows building on privately held land, and "state lands" are disputed because the Palestinians have consistently refused to build a state, and therefore the last "land grant" by the League of Nations by default makes that land Jewish. THAT's the law, not the highly biased politically based opining of the anti-Israel demimonde.

Palestinians deliberately shoot an anti-tank missile at a school bus. Intended consequences: mass murder of children. Palestinians deliberately break into a home, armed, and slaughter most of a family [they missed two children but stated that had they known of those two children, they would have killed them also]. One news report stated that the killers were leaving the home when they heard the baby, 3 months old, crying -- so they returned and stabbed her to death as well.

No remorse. No compassion. No heat-of-passion defense. Solely murder because the victims are Jews. History shows this has nothing to do with "Israel" or "Zionism." Current events throughout the Middle East show that Moslem Arabs routinely murder their oppressed minorities. They hate Israel because we can't be oppressed and taught to fear them.

Palestinians, from the PA apparatchiks to the common citizens, uniformly lied and denied, suggesting that the Fogels were murdered by Thai workers (DNA evidence now proves it was Palestinians affiliated with PFLP, a terrorist group) and that 16 year old Daniel was not a minor, but rather a soldier:

"...the slain Zionist was killed weeks east of Gaza City after the targeting of a bus he was traveling in by the Qassam Brigades...the dead man was a Zionist soldier who stayed in intensive care at Soroka Hospital in BeerSheva in the territories after a significant deterioration in his health." [trans. thanks to Elder of Ziyon]

In fact, Daniel wasn't supposed to be on the bus -- he hitched a ride with the bus driver, a family friend, so he could go visit his grandparents who lived on the route.

We aren't surprised by the Palestinians....Jews in Israel remember the pogroms of the 1920s and 1930s by Arabs. Jewish families all over Mandatory Palestine were attacked and slaughtered in their homes. The butchery was savage, slow and torturous. This was before the State of Israel existed; before the Six Day War and "occupation" of the West Bank; these were long-established religious communities with religious, non-Zionist Jewish households.

Arab hate has nothing to do with Zionism, or Israel, or "occupation" or "settlements" -- it has existed in this land since Arab invaders moved in and oppressed Christian and Jewish natives in the name of Arab and Moslem supremacy. And the mewling moon-bats of the Left, willfully ignorant of history, are simply useful idiots for Palestinian propagandizing.

Israel remembers these deaths, and all of our deaths. Peace is impossible with Arab-Islamic supremacist murderers whose raison d'etre is killing Jews.


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