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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Arab League Wants A "No Fly Zone"

The Arab League wants a "no-fly-zone"imposed over Gaza to protect the Palestinian civilian population from Israeli air raids.

Of course, if Hamas were not firing barrages of missiles, rockets and mortars into Israel from Gaza on a daily and nightly basis, there wouldn't be any Israeli retaliation that endangers the allegedly innocent Palestinian civilian population. I say "allegedly" because that is the population that elected Hamas, and seems to cheer, dance in the streets and hand out candy every time a terrorist kills a Jew, regardless of how young.

However, let's assume that as civilians they are non-combatants and hence should be protected.

Hamas could protect their civilian population by firing its varied arsenal of weapons from the open spaces away from densely crowded city centers. Hamas chieftains could hide in bunkers someplace other than below their major hospital, full of civilian patients. Hamas could stock their ammo dumps in places other than mosques and civilian homes. Hamas could stop firing Kassams from schools. Hamasnikim combatants could wear uniforms instead of civilian dress.

Israel does its best to take out the terror chiefs and not the general population, however, collateral damage is a fact of war, and when cars are blown apart by a missile in a targeted killing, the intent is not to wound the civilian 20 feet away, but frankly, there is no way to protect against the hazards of shrapnel. Note please, that unlike Hamas, Israel is targeting military targets instead of school buses.

Even Goldstone finally got around to recognizing that there is a difference between deliberately targeting civilians and the unfortunate hazards of shrapnel in crowded areas.

So, in sum, Hamas has a couple of options:

1. Stop firing weapons into Israel proper and stop targeting civilian locales; and/or,

2. Use non-civilian venues for war purposes; and/or

3. Hamas could even wear uniforms instead of civvies in order to make it clear who is the fighter and who is the civilian, but apparently identifying one's self as a "shaheed" is too risky for always-civilian-clad terror squads.

Hamas has declined to take any steps to protect its civilian population and all evidence points to their fighters deliberate embedding in civilian locales and populations in order to use those civilian as human shields.

And this just in: any cease-fire agreement, according to Hamas, specifically means that Israel cannot target terrorist cells preparing to launch rocket attacks on Israelis. In other words, we have to give them a "free shot" before we can fire back....News For Hamas: this is NOT a basketball game. You "prepare to launch" and you're fair game.

So why is the Arab League in a lather?

Well, let's start with the obvious.

The Arab League is not calling for a "no-fly-zone" over Syria, which is committing daily massacres of unarmed Arab civilians. The Arab League is not calling for a no-fly-zone over eastern Turkey, where fellow Moslems, the Kurds, are strafed and shot on a routine basis by Turkey's air force and army. The Arab League did not convene a special meeting to call for a "no-fly-zone" over Yemen last year when Saudi forces invaded it in order to stamp out terrorist training camps, whose denizens had killed a Saudi police officer.

So, why is the Arab League treating Israel's justifiable response to its civilians being shot at as some sort of atrocity that needs stopping?

Because it's Israel, that upstart Dhimmi state that under Sharia law has no right to exist, and its population should be exterminated or at least brutalized into knowing their places as second class untermenschen of the Moslem Arab world hierarchy.

It's okay with the Arab League if Moslems slaughter other Moslems, as in Turkey (or Kurdistan, where the killing fields are); or if Arabs slaughter other Arabs, as in Syria and Lebanon and Yemen and Darfur and South Sudan and Somalia and....well, you get the idea.

But it's NOT okay for anyone else to defeat and kill genocidal Arabs who are killing non-Arab civilians, because THAT is an affront to "Arab honor" and must be prevented--preferably by NATO so the Arab world doesn't have to run any risks.

It doesn't worry Israelis. First, because we're sure the sane world (NATO powers, not the U.N.) will see this ploy for what it is; and secondly, so what? Even if the world falls for this comedy, Israel has a pretty fabulous track record of shooting down Russian and British pilots. Come one, come all -- our Air Force is demonstrably better than your Air Force.


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