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Monday, December 07, 2009

The NSA Finally Wakes Up

This just in from Associated Press:

Obama national security adviser: Picture not good on Iran


Nice that NSA and other administration Great Thinkers and Policy Wonks have finally gotten on the same page with the rest of us.

That loud noise emanating east of D.C. is all of Israel simultaneously chorusing "Duh!" We know genocidal fascism when we see it. Been there, done that.

Never again.

US President Barack Obama's National Security Adviser James Jones on Sunday said the door remains open for Iran to work with other countries on its nuclear program but the "picture is not a good one."

Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union," Jones said the clock is ticking toward the end of the year.

That's when Obama has said it would be clear whether Teheran was ready to work with the United States, other UN Security Council members and Germany to assure the world it was not trying to build a nuclear weapon.

So far, the Islamic republic has rejected calls to enter negotiations, and Obama is believed preparing to seek harsher international penalties against Iran. Jones said "the door remains open" for Iran to change course.

Hello? Has Iran demonstrated any evidence that it is not trying to build a nuclear weapon? Other than the formulaic and meaningless statements, uttered with barely suppressed hilarity, from Iranian spokesmen?

Yeah, let's all worry about those nursery schools and one-room additions the Jews living in the territories are building. Certainly a new nursery school is far more threatening to world peace than a nuclear-armed End-Times theocracy bent on what they believe is a G-d-given mandate for regional domination and Jewish genocide, no?

In debate, settlements are what used to be called a "red herring" -- a deliberate attempt to change a subject or divert an argument. Oooooooo....look, the Jews are building houses*! Nevermind those hundreds of centrifuges spinning Iran towards a nuclear bomb, or the upgraded missiles and payload systems. How many power plants in France have state-of-the-art anti-aircraft missile batteries? None. How many sites in Iran do? All of them. Which is a clue that Iran isn't building a power plant, ferhevinsake....but the most important thing on Obama's Middle East agenda is stopping Jewish parents from adding a bedroom to their home for their new baby.

*photo courtesy of Kochav Yaakov website


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