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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Warming's Dirty Little Secret

If you've ever seen Fiddler On The Roof, you'll remember when Perchik popped The Question:

"I'd like to ask you a question."

"What kind of question?" she asks.

"Well, a political question. About marriage." he splutters.

"Marriage? A political question?!" She's astounded.

He's defensive. "Yes, well, everything is political."

So it seems.

The great hullaballoo about Global Warming never caught on with me. Yes, the Earth is polluted. Yes, we have dirty rivers, poisoned wells, too much desertification, we throw too many pollutants into the air......I am, at heart, a Green, and don't want highways bulldozed through forests or housing projects on open space...but....I did a bit of reading on The Inconvenient Truth.

It left me sceptical. Not because I'm an environmentalist or scientist--I was lucky to survive algebra. What made me sceptical were some angry Third World voices raised in protest and joined by unhappy Eastern Europe voices. What they basically said was this: "The First World Industrial Powers with all their money, their developed infrastructure, their ample food which they either grow or import, are laying down these environmental rules not to protect the world from climate change, but to stifle developing nations' ability to compete with them."

I'm not an economist, either, so I couldn't tell how accurate these alternate-voice assesments were -- but it made me stop and wonder. It's not often that Nigeria and the former Eastern Block nations raise a common voice.

I started reading more about global warming. There was a trial in London on the issue--and the judge ruled flat out that Global Warming was "junk science." This was not a ruling made lightly or out of pique but after a great deal of testimony by experts.

Now, it turns out that Global Warming is the biggest con job since Ponzi schemes. The Wall Street Journal, among other journalistic institutions, published an eye-opening account of scientific political correctness run amok. Or maybe its just ego and greed run amok.

The University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) is staffed by one of the world's leading climate scientists, apparently a little Stalin in his own right, who demands a unified theory on man-made climate change from his colleagues, engages in overt manipulation of scientific data to fit his theories on global warming and promotes censorship and boycott of any who disagree with him. "Deleting, doctoring or withholding information" was the Journal's description of his tactics to scam the public and the governments who up until last week felt they had solid scientific reasons to believe Global Warming existed and was a man-made problem.

How do we know all this? Someone (bravissimo!) stole over 3000 emails and documents from CPU and published them on the Web for the world to read. Someone, presumably, who is a REAL scientist and disillusioned with CPU's results-manufactured-to-fit-a-political-agenda. Jewish World Review's Robert Tracinski gives even more detailed coverage to the contents of the emails and overt censorship and manipulation that CPU and its allies engaged in [hit the link embedded in the title].

This is bad news for environmentalists everywhere. When some hot-dog like this plays fast and loose with scientific data, all his mendacity, his manipulation, his ego-centric determination to prop up his faulty theory with manipulated data results in setting back real environmental research and casting doubt on all environmental research.


I will quote the Journal's closing lines, because I'm sure we'll hear much more of the same in days to come:

We...now have thousands of emails that give every appearance of testifying to concerted and coordinated efforts by leading climatologists to fit the data to their conclusions while attempting to silence and discredit their critics. In the deparment of inconvenient truths, this one surely deserves a closer look by the media, the U.S. Congress and other investigative bodies.

And kudos to West Africa and Eastern Europe, who smelled the rat first.


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