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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fly Naked

In a world where normal people are trying to get their children an education and make enough money to pay for a roof over their heads and food on the table, we now have another advocate of mass-murder-in-the-name-of-Allah (in Hebrew, this is called a chillul HaShem--a desecration of the Name of G-d)trying to bring down a plane-load of civilians flying from Holland to the United States.

I can't even call this Islamic extremism because apart from the fact that the would-be mass-murderer is a Moslem, his handlers are of the ilk that have hijacked the Quran and its faith and perverted it into a political instrument. They're not really Moslems in the sense that they submit to the will of their Maker--they can quote from the Quran to justify just about any political abomination or murder they want, and claim, like the bloody-minded Crusaders before them, "Deus vult!" (G-d wills it!) It's really not Islam--its a form of idol worship, with the object of that worship being the temporal desire(s) of whatever scheming warlord is running the operation.

I wonder if there is an Arabic equivalent of chillul HaShem?

I'm waiting to see whose heads roll at State, at TSA and at Homeland Security for this balagan. The three agencies charged with keeping people safe in the air and on the ground from psychotics who dress up their murderous instincts in the clothing of invented grievances simply screwed up big time.

Why wasn't Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab placed on the U.S. no-fly list?

What asleep-at-the-wheel functionary who appears to have not checked or only checked randomly or briefly or incompletely the flight list from Holland is going to get fired? C'mon, I know it was Christmas and you wanted to get home to the family but you permitted the near murder of almost 300 people because you couldn't wait to get to your family holiday celebration.

Or is it worse? Does Al-Qaeda have moles in the aviation industry who coordinate this kind of attack and are they capable of working from inside (or hacking from outside) to prevent the interception of their operative? Doubt it. But if its not that, then it was sheer laziness and stupidity on the part of the U.S. personnel who approved this flight list.

How the hell did he get a U.S. Visa? The Brits have barred him. His own family reported his extremism to British, Nigerian and U.S. authorities.

After the last trans-Atlantic brouhaha, with four planes scheduled to blow up simultaneously over mid-Atlantic enroute from London to the U.S. all kinds of security precautions were put in place....most of them seemingly ridiculous. One security expert at the time said these precautions were a total waste of time, because the fanatics always find a way around them.

A prophet. This time, it wasn't liquid in a bottle. It was, reportedly, nitro and glycerine, (or PETN depending on your news source) smuggled separately, strapped to his body, to blow up the plane over densely populated Detroit (killers please note: Detroit is the city with the biggest Moslem population in the United States--wrong target, idiots).

So how do we avoid future incidents of this kind? What can we do to make flying absolutely safe?

Fly naked.

That's right. From this date forward, everyone will be escorted first to a dressing room, asked to unclothe, given a 4-hour (or six or 8 or 10 hour) sedative, placed naked on a gurney with only a blanket for modesty's sake, then wheeled to their assigned seats (which will have to be reconfigured as beds) and we'll be flown naked and unconscious to our destinations! Anyone who gets out of his seat will be shot by an air-marshall.

That should put an end to this nonsense!

And you won't have to worry about shoe-bombers, under-wear bombers, baby-bottle bombers or any other wanna-be mass murderers in the air.


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