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Monday, August 11, 2008

What Will We Think Of Next?

Eating too much and the resultant obesity is very much a Western, first-world affliction....no one in sub-Sahara Africa is obese except for the corrupt leadership of certain countries and their elites.

Folks have resorted to bariatric surgery to reduce food intake; extreme dieting; specific medications and/or injections, all looking for the Holy Grail of weight loss.

Leave it to Israel to come up with the simplest solution:

It's a device which makes it difficult to wolf down your food. It forces you to take smaller bites and thus eat more slowly, allowing your stomach time to tell the brain, "Hey, stupid, we're full already!"

Apart from the weight loss benefit, I think it may find a marketing niche among those parents with teens who like to inhale their food and rush from the table....just a thought....

*photo and news article at Israel21C [http://www.israel21c.net/]


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