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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Myth of Palestinian Concessions

Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayed announced today that the international community was now required to exert pressure on Israel to work toward achieving the two-state solution. The Palestinians, he stressed, won't make any more concessions.

What did I miss? WHAT concessions? What exactly have the Palestinians conceded? Their militias are still producing suicide bomb belts and trying to enter Israel in order to murder us; they are stockpiling advanced weaponry in Gaza and boasting (still) of eradicating the 'Zionist entity': IDF forces have found and dismantled rocket factories in Jenin and Nablus; PA education and media still spout hatred and racism about Jews in general and Israeli Jews in particular; 8,477 rockets or mortars have been fired into Israel since 2003; in 2008, up through June 30th, rocket and mortar attacks number 2,363. In Gaza, Hamas, following in the footsteps of Arafat's Karine A precedent, is still smuggling in Iranian-supplied weapons and ammunition.

After years of relentless pressure from the West and the Leftists of Tel Aviv and Europe, Israelis conceded that a two-state solution to answer the needs of Palestinian national aspirations would be just. We were, and are, educated to believe that if we surrender the concept of "Greater Israel" then the Palestinians will surrender the concept of "Greater Palestine." Instead, Palestinian schoolbooks still incite hatred of Jews and educate students to embrace war rather than peace: all of Israel (not just the West Bank) is referred to as "The Occupation" and Palestinian school children are taught to refer to Israel as "Palestine."

We've left Gaza, trading "land for peace" and that concession has resulted in more war. We've reduced checkpoints in the West Bank and the PA's only response has been that we didn't reduce enough (despite their efficacy at intercepting suicide bombers on their way to Jerusalem) and to complain that we haven't released enough prisoners.

How many POWs did the US release to Japan and Germany while WWII was raging? How many German POWs did Britain return to Germany during that war? WHAT insanity makes the western world think that releasing men and women involved in mass murder or attempted mass murder will lead to peace in this incessant war of attrition which the Arabs are waging?

Someone show me the concessions that the Palestinians have made. They refuse to surrender their demand that Israel accept millions of Arab "refugees." They are paying lip service to the idea of a 'two-state solution' while laying the educational and military foundation for Jewish genocide and the creation of a Palestinian state "from the River to the Sea" in Arafat's words.


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