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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here's Clarification: Fuck Off

The United States has demanded clarifications from Israel after IDF special forces killed three terrorists Saturday who murdered a civilian, Rabbi Meir Chai, on Thursday.

Nice. Has the United States demanded clarifications from Iran on the nine civilians murdered by government storm troopers yesterday? Of course not.

Is the United States subjecting itself to demands about terrorists it has taken out since 9/11? Of course not.

Did the United States at any time in the last 48 hours demand clarifications from the Palestinian Authority about the cold-blooded gunning down of an unarmed kindergarten teacher and father of seven who was driving his wife and child at the time of the attack?

Of course not. Because the overt and despicable racism of Jew-killing is being deliberately overlooked by the left-wing elites of the Obama administration. You can bet that if a Black father of seven was gunned down in cold blood on an Alabama road for the sin of driving in a "white neighborhood" there would be hell to pay!

Calls were made to National Security Adviser Prof. Uzi Arad, apparently by senior U.S. Administration officials, in which he was asked to provide clarifications. The calls came from the United States after Palestinian Authority officials complained to the Americans that the IDF had carried out “executions.”

No, we killed them. Let's be precise in our terminology. "Execution" means the act or an instance of putting to death or being put to death as a lawful penalty. Its prerequisite is a court order. It implies that there is some legality, some legal procedure at issue here, which is precisely why lawfare gamesters like B'tselem like to confuse the issues with word plays such as these. It implies that they are in custody, which they were not. We did not "execute" them--they were never in our custody. We hunted them down and killed them where we found them, armed. They refused to surrender. Fine. Die.

They were terrorists who thought they had found a safe haven hiding behind their wives' skirts, and discovered they were wrong. Reagan said it: "You can run, but you can't hide."

Arad informed the White House of details of the counterterrorist raid and rejected the PA officials' claims.

The left-wing group B'Tselem also made a public demand that an investigation be launched into whether the IDF “executed” two of the three terrorist murderers. The self-acclaimed human rights group said that an initial inquiry it conducted at the homes of the dead killers indicated that they were executed.

Wow! Imagine that! B'Tselem ran in there and got the evidence! What evidence?! The self-serving whine of the terrorists' family members, who support them in their chosen career of murdering Jewish civilians? This is, of course, the same Euro-funded NGO that has been repeatedly lambasted for its skewed statistics, lies of omission and lies of comission, and most infamously for white-washing terrorist deaths and trying to pass them off as civilians on the grounds that they "weren't involved in hostilities when killed" -- i.e., he was driving away from the launch site of his kassam rockets when the Israelis killed him, thus he was a civilian. This is, of course, the same "human rights organization" that remained silent when missiles targeting Israeli civilians rained down on civilian population centers. This is the same NGO whose "field investigators" are all Arabs.

READ MY LIPS--this is not a police action. This is a war. The Allies didn't land at Normandy, read the Nazis their Miranda rights and arrest them. They killed them. They killed the soldiers in the field and they bombed German cities into rubble. The Allies, consequently, won.

Terrorists, or if you prefer the politically correct label, "armed militants" who claim allegience to an entity which, despite the momentary quiet, is and has been in a state of de facto war with Israel since 1948, are combatants. In this case, they were battle-hardened combatants who had been taken as prisoners before for their terror activities. The men were identified as 38-year-old Raed Sukarji, 39-year-old Ghassan Abu Sharakh, and 40-year-old Anan Subih. Subih was armed with a handgun and was hiding two M16 assault rifles, and an additional handgun and ammunition.

Surkajy was a Nablus Fatah Tanzim terror operative who had previously been in custody. He was arrested in 2002 for his involvment in multiple terror attacks, and was a senior member of Al Aksa who was also involved with the manufacturing of explosives and the establishment of an explosives-manufacturing laboratory in Nablus. He was released from Israeli custody, no doubt as part of a prisoner exchange or "confidence building measure" last January.

Sharakh was the brother of Naif Abu Sharakh, the former head of the Fatah Tanzim terrorist group in Nablus, who was responsible for planning multiple terror attacks until he was killed by during an IDF operation in 2004. Sharakh did a stint in Israeli prison as well for terror activities. Subih was also an Al Aqsa terrorist affiliated with the Nalus Fatah Tanzim.

They've all been at war with Israel for years. They've all been involved in the planning and executing of mass murder attacks against Israeli civilians. They know the price -- when they kill Israeli civilians, they are hunted down and killed. That is not an "execution," B'tselem & fellow travelers--that is war.

I'm sorry to deflate your happy peace balloon, but the Palestinians, both Hamas and Fatah, still recruit their children to war camps in the summer, train them in hatred and racism towards Jews, incite them to murder in the name of religion and nation, and all the nice talky-talky peacy-peacy vibes from the useful idiots in the West has not changed the fact that Israel is under seige and has been warred upon by Arab entities intent on the destruction of our state and eradication of our people.

And no compromise, no offer is ever good enough. Why? Because they don't want a compromise--they want to win the wars they've lost since 1948, and destroy us. To them, a kindergarten teacher in a van with his wife and kid is just another Jew to be exterminated.

But my favorite posts of the day were these:

1)I feel no need for an explanation as to why you killed barbaric savages.
Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the moonbats currently running our country.

2) The question should be, "Why did you stop at three terrorists?"
Get them all.

3) Here’s clarification: They’re dead.

The Common Man's common sense gives me hope that the Orwellian administration fiddling while the world burns will soon pass. The other silver lining: this terror trio will never be released in some future "confidence building measure" to kill again.

*Photo of Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade courtesy of Life.com


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