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Monday, May 31, 2010

Gaza "Peace Activists" Redux

More pro-Palestinian "peace activists" engaging in their typical humanitarian efforts.

"Peace Activists" = Martyrs

So let's get this straight: the "peace activists" were armed, according to videos made by both Israeli and Turkish cameramen, with knives, clubs, iron pipes, handguns (seized with empty magazines,indicating they were fired), Molotov cocktails and stun grenades.

According to al-Jazeera, the ships' complements were full of enthusiasts for martyrdom, happily chanting a traditional anti-Jewish rant reminding Jews of an earlier genocide happily committed by Arabs on the Arabian peninsula. One report on British news stated that one ship had a painted sign posted, "Hitler was a blessing." These were NOT people involved in a peaceful mission. These were people looking for a confrontation, and armed themselves in preparation for it.

I do agree with the Labor MP who is grabbing her 15 minutes of fame by dissing the commando action -- we shouldn't have used commandos.

Next time, order them to leave--and if they persist, just sink them rather than risk our kids' lives.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Start-Up Nation

This is the Israel that the MSM, deeply embedded in Arab propaganda, never mentions in their knee-jerk bias:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where Is The Protest?

I haven't posted in ages...and I need to...much ridiculousness going on in the upper echelons of diplospeak, while real life continues.....BUT....

A friend pointed this out. I just cannot resist. Where, oh, where are the Free Gaza and lefty protesters ready to demonstrate against government oppression of these Palestinians?

By RIZEK ABDEL JAWAD, Associated Press Writer Rizek Abdel Jawad, Associated Press Writer – Sun May 16, 2:59 pm ET

RAFAH, Gaza Strip – Hamas police wielding clubs beat and pushed residents out of dozens of homes in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on Sunday before knocking the buildings down with bulldozers, residents said.

Gaza's militant Hamas rulers said the homes were built illegally on government land. Newly homeless residents were furious over Palestinians on bulldozers razing Palestinian homes.

For years, Palestinians have criticized Israel for destroying houses, mostly because they were built without permits issued by the military. Now, Rafah residents complained, their own government, run by the Islamic militant Hamas that seized power in Gaza in July 2007, has done the same.

"They promised reform and change — instead they've destroyed our homes," shouted Miasar Gan, a 54-year-old woman. Gan said she and her husband had nowhere else to go.

"I found my mattress, and that's where I'll be sitting," she said, standing next to the concrete chunks — all that was left of her house.

Her neighbor, Nazira Abu Jara, 56, said policewomen wearing face veils typical of conservative Muslim women beat her with clubs until she fled her house with her husband and two children. "Neighbors help us get by with charity. We can't afford to build again," Abu Jara said.

Others picked through rubble to retrieve dusty clothing and mangled furniture.

Residents said between 30 and 40 homes were torn down, ranging from concrete structures to tin shacks. They did not know how many people were affected. Hamas officials did not allow reporters into the area until the demolition was over.

Residents said more demolitions in the area were expected Monday.

Even if they are allowed to rebuild, Israel does not allow most building materials into the territory it has blockaded since Hamas seized power. The newly homeless residents are unlikely to be able to afford the steep black market prices for concrete, steel and wood. Some of the families cannot afford rent.

Rafah's mayor, Issa Nashar, promised alternative housing. Gaza's housing minister Yousef al-Mansi said he had no information about such housing.


....and not one peep from the Committee Against House Demolitions.......imagine that! Seems Hamas, like most governments, doesn't let you build just any old place but only on land you own with properly issued permits....sort of like in California, and in England and in....Israel!

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