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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ramadan Rioting

News flash at Brussels Journal . Once again, "youths" are rioting in Europe, this time in Brussels, heart of the EU. Once again, the Main Stream Media is silent. As one blogger on the story pointed out, even the Belgian papers took three days to identify the perps as Moslems. This year, the excuse is the death of some Morocan in prison; however, other commentators note that the "Ramadan Riot" is becoming an annual tradition in France and Belgium, and any excuse will do....

This all serves a purpose, however. Now, when my Left-of-Center friends challenge me on the 1948 Partition of Israel (yes, they do--Israel stole that land, you understand, and there can't be peace until Israel willingly commits suicide and gives it all back to Fatahamas and we agree that any surviving Jews will be good, quiet, obedient little dhimmis), I point out that partition happened here for the same reason it happened in Pakistan/India/Bangladesh; for the same reason you see nightly on the news these days: radical Moslems don't play well with Others.

They riot on Ramadan; they riot over cartoons; they riot over free speech; they riot over democracy; they riot over other Moslem terrorists being arrested; they riot over (successful) police searches for explosives in their mosques; they riot, destroy, murder, and utter deadly threats against anyone and anything that seeks to criticize their barbaric behavior. Blowing up Buddhist statues, beheading unarmed Indonesian school girls, and car-bombing anyone who gets in the way of today's Islamist agenda is a given, including the car-bombing of other Moslems.

And moderate Moslems (yes, they exist) are their ennablers, as the moderates remain silent out of fear, out of confusion, out of a misplaced sense of brotherhood, or whatever cat it is that has each one's tongue.

Amin el-Husseini, the original hate-monger of Palestine and Hitler's pal

Israel has already had its fair share of the International Moslem Temper Tantrum: the riots in the '20s where Moslems killed Jews; the riots of the '30s wherein Moslems killed more Jews; the 1948 War of Independence after even the United Nations agreed Jews weren't safe living as a minority with Rioting Moslems and gave us our own country; the wars of every generation since then and the fedayeen raids between wars up until 1967. We don't call them fedayeen raids any more -- now its called what it really is: terrorism. The terror of the cross-border killings from Lebanon, by men and by missiles in the 80s'; the terror of the daily suicide bombing during the Oslo War; the terror of Hezbollah's incursions and Hamas's rocket attacks.

We're still paying the price for living in a free, democratic nation that also gives refuge from persecution to Jews (and others) as well as a dynamic, creative, hi-tech, quasi-socialist homeland imbued with Jewish culture. The price? The deaths of our families at the hands of Moslem terror. Now the rest of the world is paying that price as well. Maybe out of such senseless murders the world will come to understand Israel's struggle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't count on it :(

Thursday, October 5, 2006 at 11:44:00 PM GMT+2  

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