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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sauce For The Goose

Britain has expelled a member of Israel's consular corps in outrage over the "misuse" of British passports by an as-yet unproven intelligence service.

British double-standards never cease to amaze me. Not only do they allow their own passport holders to fly to Israel to commit acts of terrorism and mass murder (Mikes' Bar) but they have the nerve to condemn Israel for assassinating a terrorist when their own hands aren't clean.

Anyone remember Operation Flavius?

The British were all too ready to use their special forces to gun down three IRA "freedom fighters" seeking the "liberation" of "Occupied Irish Homelands" in what the British call Northern Ireland (better known historically as Ulster). In 1988, the British SAS gunned down three unarmed "terrorists" who were planning a car-bombing on a British military target (note that "terrorists" are defined as such because they attack civilians, not military targets). It appears that the three were casing the neighborhood on foot for a place to park the car-bomb when intercepted and were butchered in the street because one of them made "an aggressive move." Like, maybe towards his wallet? Maybe for his passport? They weren't armed, so there was nothing to be "aggressive" with. They didn't have any weapons or explosives or detonators.

The car bomb was found 46 miles away in Spain.

British hypocrisy is beyond belief. The Provisional IRA, which shared training camps with the POL in Libya, are apparently considered terrorists who can be gunned down on foreign soil without compunction or regret in British eyes. When Irish "militants" seek the "liberation" of their "occupied territory" by attacking a military target, the broad daylight slaughter of all three is justified by the British government as an anti-terror operation.

But the quiet execution of one terrorist, far more dangerous than all three Provos together, without risk to surrounding civilians, now ostensibly outrages British sensibilities.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, you English (Ireland-occupying, Gibraltar-occupying) hypocrites.


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