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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HOT News

Our Cable Provider, HOT, had announced some time ago that it would in all likelihood not be renewing its contract with CNN. HOT already provides BBC, SkyNews, and FoxNews to its English-speaking subscribers.

The reasons offered for this cancellation varied--contract price, lack of demand, CNN's ratings collapse in the States.......notably, the only voices raised in protest in Israel were those of two letter writers from the uber-liberal bastions of Boston and San Francisco, respectively, who pled to keep "their" news channel.

CNN is not popular in Israel. Israelis may have short political memories, as some have charged, but everyone here remembers the carnage of the Second Intifada, the burning buses, the charred bodies.....and CNN rushing off to interview the grieving families of the murderers.

As a result, CNN's imminent cancellation is not raising the outcry of protest in the Anglo community that the threatened cancellation of BBC Prime did last year. Then, letters flooded into HOT demanding that this cornerstone of English-language entertainment remain aboard.

All CNN's cancellation has wrought is wry snickers, especially in view of the proposed replacement channel: Al Jazeera.

Which is only fitting. During the Gulf War , then 9/11, then the Iraq War, CNN was derisively referred to in the States as the "local Al Jazeera affiliate" due to its embarassing rush to embrace the mendacious Arab narrative.

Now CNN is cancelled in Israel. There is justice. Good riddance!


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