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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Palestinians Pick A War

I've been laid off, due to our legal outsourcing project ending, just in time to come back to action-packed blogging.

Frankly, I'd rather write about the kalniot than our cousins, who have ratcheted up the war whoops and dead-and-maimed count recently.

Today starred a bomb planted at a major bus stop in front of the Jerusalem Convention Center, which exploded as the 74 bus pulled up. Latest news is 25 maimed and injured, and 2 dead, although we're getting conflicting reports. We also had rocket and mortar fire across the Negev region this morning, with a missile or two falling on Beersheva's residential neighborhoods.

This follows last week barrage of over 50 mortar shells aimed at civilian communities in southern Israel.

And what are the Palestinians saying?

Ma'an News: a trash can blew up in Jerusalem near a bus stop. Liars. Not just cowards, but liars.

The heart of Anglo-Saxon civilization and spokespaper for the progressive liberal side of things said: a bus has exploded.........Only in the sick world view of The Guardian do buses just explode by themselves, without attributing this to any human agency, much less their pet Palestinians.

Then there is the former Mideast Correspondent for France24, who when interviewed by today's anchor about this latest murder spree, opined that she felt so sorry for.........Barack Obama!!

Excuse me? I didn't know he lived here, much less commuted on the 74 bus to school or work every day.

I live on the 74 route. The 74 is the cross town express bus if you want to get downtown or if you want to go to the movie center or if you want to just get to the Central Bus Station to catch another bus. Many of my neighbors take this bus to work, especially since parking downtown is pretty much nonexistent. Many of the children in this neighborhood get to school on that same bus.

There is absolutely nothing that any news outlet or anchor can say that will justify the deliberate mass murder of civilians who have done nothing to deserve death other than live as Jews in a Jewish state.

Another writer pointed out that Jews live behind walls and fenced communities, but Arabs have no need to......Jewish stores and businesses all have security guards, but shops in Arab neighborhoods on either side of the Green Line do not....the Israeli bus companies used to (and now may again) have security guards profiling the passengers to intercept would be suicide bombers, but no Arab bus in Jerusalem or elsewhere has ever had such security or needed it.

So those facts alone tells you who the killers among us are.....


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