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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newspeak in Farsi

Iran's ambassador to Mexico, Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, appeared on CNN-Mexico on Wednesday, and as the representative of the Islamic Republic, leader of the struggle for world wide Islamic dominance (led by Iran, of course) had this to say:

"The minority can't impose their opinion on the majority," Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri told CNN en EspaƱol. "They can't impose a dictatorship saying that the majority is not going to govern."

Hello? The "minority" looked pretty much like a mass movement. Usually less than 5% of people get out of their homes and demonstrate, so if that "minority" of thousands was demonstrating, that says something powerful about the number of people in silent agreement who for whatever reason, including being beaten like animals or shot dead in the street, have chosen not to protest in public.

There are acceptable ways of addressing electoral fraud, if any occurred, he said.

In a nation where the ruling party itself perpetrated the election fruad? Oh, right, they're just going to admit it and join the call for a recount. If you will recall, Mr. Ambassador, the reason the protests poured into the streets was precisely because when Mousavi cried "Foul!" your ruling junta told him to shut up and live with the results.

"But they go out on the street, they attack buses, they attack banks; that affects the security of the country."He added, "The law doesn't permit terrorism. It doesn't permit attacks on innocent people."

WHAT?! You hypocritical piece of garbage---you and your benighted government FUND attacks on innocent people and terrorism is part of your national policy.

And unleashing your trained thugs to shoot and ax demonstrators is arguably "terrorism" as well, only the state-policy kind.

The minority has lost the election, they have to accept the role of the majority," he said. "If there was fraud, they have to show it. They have no proof."

Saying it doesn't make it so--that's why people are in the streets and on the rooftops, screaming in outrage. Evidence? You've no doubt burned it by now--hence the need for a new election. With international monitors this time.

Asked why the government has made it impossible for nearly all international journalists to report from Iran, he accused the media of not accurately reporting events.

Translation from the Farsi: the media reported what they saw on the streets, which strengthened the protesters and gave them hope, so the fascist illegitimate mullacracy had to censor it by shutting down the press.

There is no First Amendment in Iran apparently.

"In Tehran, there were much bigger demonstrations in favor of the government that you didn't report about," he said.

Yes, they did. We all saw it on the news, while your fascist theocracy was still allowing reporters to report. Of course, they're not reporting now because they've either been arrested, confined to house arrest, or expelled from the country. How do you say "censorship" in Farsi?

Asked about the shooting of the 26-year-old woman whose death captured on video has come to symbolize the anti-government forces, he said, "It is not clear who killed who," he said, adding that "terrorists" were among the demonstrators. "Some armed people have attacked police," he said. "Naturally, we have to respond."

Right. She was just standing there. Clearly unarmed. Methinks the terrorists were the ones with the guns--you know, YOUR guys, those Basiji thugs. Your nasty little stormtroopers. The ones whose pictures are all over this blog. (Thank you, Mohamed.) The older posts show a lot of Basiji--they're the guys with the side-handle batons, guns, rifles and baseball bats.

And Al Jazeera has it on video. Go here , and go down to the Al Jazeera entry at 12:33 on Huffington Post's Liveblogging. You'll see armed Basiji firing into a crowd of demonstrators from the rooftop of a mosque.

By the way, visit ID The Basiji not just for the pictures, but for the latest report that their street recruits aren't Iranians--the shock troops on the streets are Arabic speakers. Earlier rumors said Hamas and Hezbollah members in Iran for "training" are getting their field tryouts on the Iranian protestors.

In an interview with CNN International, he was more blunt about accusations of brutality by government forces: "We do not beat up our people and we do not kill them," he said.

No?! Who am I going to believe? A government stooge 10,000 miles away or the stream of videos coming out of Iran?

In the wake of the vote, Obama has used increasingly harsh language to discuss Iran, saying he was "appalled" by the crackdown. Ahmadinejad, who is to be sworn in for a second four-year term by August, warned that there would be "nothing left to talk about" if Obama kept up such a tone.

Obama has failed the Iranian people and the free world by keeping diplomatically silent in the face of this slaughter and repression. Of course, that's par for the world--big talk but no action when the crisis comes. Ask any Rwandan....

As for Dictator Ahmadinejad and his storm troopers -- there was never anything to talk about anyway, sweetheart, so that kind of bluster won't work. You know what the west wants and you've already determined not to give up nuclear weapons in order to bully the rest of the region like you bully your populace. All you've done is prove the Right right, and Obama's plan to treat you like an equal in the family of nations now looks ridiculous.

In the meantime, Ahmadinejad is complaining about "foreign interference" and other government stooges are jumping on this bandwagon with allusions to Zionists, the CIA, and BBC (now THERE is a strange combination) among other "foreign influences."

First, this is rich, coming from a dictatorship that is bankrupting its own treasury to foment terror, insurgency and proxy armies all over the region. YOU'RE complaining to US about "foreign interference?" Don't make me laugh.

Second, if a news broadcast is "foreign interference" whether via radio, television, or internet, then you are a truly frightened and ethically bankrupt dictatorship which is in terror of its own people if it can't let them listen to a news broadcast not dictated by your propaganda departments.

Ahmadinejad's patron, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has said the election result would not be reversed.

Translation from the Farsi: we stole this election and we're NOT giving it back!

Ahmadinejad's standing at home appears to have suffered since the election. Several Tehran newspapers reported that 185 out of 290 members of parliament, including Speaker Ali Larijani, stayed away from a victory celebration for Ahmadinejad on Tuesday.

Can you say, "Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin" ?


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