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Monday, November 19, 2007

Blood Libel Redux

I've followed the Muhammed Dura Martyrdom Myth for years now.

It's finally paid off.

For the best coverage of the trial and what's going on inside and outside the courtroom, go to http://theaugeanstables.com/ which not only comments pithily on the Pajamas Media coverage, but adds context to the missing 9 minutes of tape. France2 and Enderlin produced the 'original tape' albeit with at least 9 minutes missing.
Nixon's credibility went down the toilet when 18 minutes went missing, but Enderlin and France2 seem to think that their role as "journalists" puts them above the law and the court's order to produce the ENTIRE tape.

The bottom line (but go read it) is that the Dura Myth is just another Pallywood production. France2's Arab stringer is seen holding interviews of Gazans directly in front of the structure from which Israeli guns are allegedly blazing. Of course, no bullets are seen hitting anything, not even the ground, and no smoke from the guns is seen coming from the structure, and not one Arab is seen trying to duck and cover. The only smoke ever seen emanates from the Palestinian guns near by. Fake wounded are falling down, then getting up again; the interviewees show no alarm and take go on being interviewed without even flinching in the face of the alleged barrage of bullets; in part of the missing 9 minutes, AS notes that it has seen tape (and provides pictures at the link above) of the fake wounded painting themselves with fake blood. Best evidence: after Dura falls, and the crowd yells (on cue) "the boy is dead!" the kid moves, looking around.

AS succinctly sets up the MSM, especially the French version, as the World Cup Champion idiots of journalism:

"There’s no blood.


There are no bullets.


The boy moves after he’s been declared dead.


There’s no ambulance evacuation.


All the footage Talal shot before this scene were staged. (Something everyone in the courtroom but Enderlin and France2 appeared to agree upon, as the scenes were so obviously faked)


NOT journalism's finest hour. Like the photoshopped fake Beirut skyline photos which Reuter's eagerly published, like AP's Green Helmet Guy's repeated pratfalls as searcher, medic and later as pretend-dead-victim, like the Lebanese Arab woman who mourned in front of each of three or four different bombed out buildings for "her" house.....this is the earliest and best example of Arab propaganda at it's most deadly. Deadly because it was pimped to Arab youth as the justification for the massive wave of suicide bombings that characterized the wave of terror unleashed by Arafat.

Turns out Dura's dad, who showed his wounds on international television, has the exact same wounds from a fight with his Arab brethren predating this staged shooting incident, according to his hospital records. Ahh..that explains why he has such horrendous scars but no blood at the time of the Myth-Making. Also turns out that Dura's dad was a suspected 'collaborator' with Israel---something that generally merits a death sentence in Palestinian circles.

See the picture above with the bullet holes in the wall? Those aren't ricochets or shots fired from beyond that barrel directly at the Duras. My husband shot weapons for a living, and we both are familiar with firearms and their forensics. Those bullet holes were made by someone standing in the same position as the cameraman--at a 45 degree angle to the father and son.
The only people standing in that position were NOT Israelis. They were Arabs. Back in September 2000, the idea may have seemed shocking, but since Hamas has recently made a hobby of gunning down and defenestrating its non-Hamas Arab brethren, the idea that the Palestinians would shoot a 12-year-old to death in order to create a blood libel propaganda coup while simultaneously punishing his father for 'collaborating with the Zionist entity' is not as unthinkable as it once was.....after all, these are the same people who put a suicide bomb belt on a 14-year-old developmentally disabled teen boy a few years ago. (Hussam Abdo, March 24, 2004, was intercepted and the belt was removed.)

Mohammed al-Dura may truly be dead, although the current trial casts tremendous doubt on that theory. If he is dead, it is at the hands of his brethren who found it expedient that he should die for the sins of his father.


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